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Monday, July 26, 2010


Good afternoon everyone! A big News Flash from TakaraTomy recently. Check it out below!

A prototype of Masterpiece Hot Rodimus from TakaraTomy will be shown this week at a toy convention in CHINA. The full production version will be announced with pictures on end of August 2010! I Can't wait!

TakaraTomy Masterpiece Hot Rodimus with Trailer

TakaraTomy MasterPiece Starscream Movie Ver.

Here are the final product pictures. The differences from this compare to Hasbro is it do not have the ugly "tattoo" painted on the body! Great!

TakaraTomy Predaking 2010 Edition. Open for booking!!!
Deposit : $90.00
Price : $289.90

Final product of Alternity Mitsuoka Orochi - Thundercracker
as reported and open for booking here.
Price $82.90
Deposit $30.00