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Thursday, August 25, 2016

PRE-ORDER : PLAMAX 1/350 JG-01 Cherno Alpha

PRODUCT NAME : 1/350 JG-01 Cherno Alpha
DEPOSIT FEE : $30.00
RELEASE DATE : December 2016
PRE-ORDER CLOSING DATE : 30 October 2016

Drift with the Mark-1 Jaeger "Cherno Alpha"!
From the science fiction monster film that took the world by storm, "Pacific Rim," come 1/350th scale plastic model kits of the Jaeger--huge robotic weapons that are mankind's last line of defense against the Kaiju! The first in the series is the Russian Mark-1 Jaeger with a unique, clunky appearance that became hugely popular--the Cherno Alpha!
The characteristic design of the Jaeger has been converted into a plastic model kit using 3DCG data from the film for a faithful, detailed rendition of the original for fans to build for themselves. The kit is separated by color and makes use of snap-fit parts for easy assembly, with decals included to bring out the atmosphere of the film even more. The finished model also has a very satisfying size that is sure to stand out in any collection!

An optional part with the arm extended for a punch is included, and the kit also comes with an LED lighting unit to recreate the memorable lit-up appearance from the night scenes of the film. Experience the incredible presence of the Cherno Alpha as you build it with your own two hands!

Gypsy Danger Coming Soon!