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Monday, June 21, 2010

How Often Do You Check CH-Toynation Blog For Update?

Good morning Brunei! Today is a new start to another new week! I hope you guys had a good weekend and for those who are returning to school, I hope you had all refreshed your energy from the two long weeks holiday.

Two weeks ago we started a poll asking "How often do you check CH-Toynation Blog for update?". The reason for this poll is to make sure that we are aware of how often and regular our customer log on to our page for new update. With this poll we will improve our update depending on the result.

And here are the result:-

89 people participated in the poll

Every Hour - 8% <-- hardcore customer!?...lol
Every Day - 70%
Once a Week - 3%
Three times a week - 8%
Once a Month - 7%

As expected, 70% of our customers checked our blog daily which means that we will we need to improve our update on our blog at least once a day. We will work on that matter and bring a better blog for everyone to read.

I would like to shout out to everyone who had participated the polls. Your infomation are highly value to this poll.