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Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfect Grade (PG) RX78-2 GP01/Fb

Perfect Grade kit, the pinnacle of all GunPla kits. Every GunPla hobbylist should have at least on PG kit before they die(Well, that is what I was told). Today, we would like to announce that Perfect Grade (PG) RX78-2 GP01/Fb will be coming to CH-Toynation. This kit was officially launched in 2003 and was discontinued for quite sometime until Bandai decided to restock again.

The kit can be build either in GP01 or GP01Fb form. It has all the usual details from Perfect Grade kits. It comes with a docking station or hangar for you to display your completed GP01 or GP01Fb and its weapon accessories.

Perfect Grade (PG) RX78-2 GP01/Fb
Stocks : 2 units
Price : $349.90 (Usual Price $369.90)
Expecting to arrive around July 2010
Deposit : $120.00